As an incubator of innovation and entrepreneurial spirited ideas, Achieve IP has been involved in exciting and unique projects.


Current Projects

Improvements to Emergency Response on First Nations Communities

In 2010, Achieve IP self-initiated a project to improve emergency dispatch response times for First Nations communities.  The software has been developed and Achieve IP is actively working with a First Nation organization and other parties to complete the pilot testing phase.


Acceleration of an On-Site Installation and Support Company

National Tech Support NEW look 6As the cloud and IoT continues to grow, on-site support for technical devices is shifting and almost any device can now plug into the network.  Equipment no longer has to be procured from ‘specialized’ vendors at premiums and technical field support does not rely on the manufactures certifications.  For the customer, this opens a new channel for the installation and ongoing support of hard devices.  AchieveIP is working with National Tech Support to build a national company that employs Aboriginals, women and other diverse employees to help nationally recognized brands with this field support.  (


Acceleration of a First Nations Owned Sourcing Company

Canada’s First Nation communities are continuing to explore ways to better integrate themselves into the Canadian economy.  Achieve IP is working with an Aboriginal company to accelerate its growth as a certified diverse supplier.  This project is exploring partnerships with foreign manufactures as well as local warehousing for fulfillment.


Past Projects

Building a Better Bell

BellAn independent and diverse role to secure Protected B facilities in multiple Canadian cities for departmental expansion and enhancing internal organizational processes to improve team functionality.  Was part of the management planning group responsible for the 2015 action plan and building a framework for the three year strategy (2014 to 2015).


On-boarding a Cisco Portfolio


Reported directly to the client ownership while on-boarding the Cisco product line.  Requirements included the internal organizational processes and infrastructure for a sales and support team of 50+ people.  A highly operational challenge with immediate revenue requirements (2010).


Wuskwatim Generation Station

MB HydroProvided the infrastructure for the Wuskwatim Generating Station, a $1.4 billion MB Hydro remote location project which included all voice and data for 600 dorms and 200 offices.  This project changed the face of Achieve IP and confirmed their ability to design, implement, and fully manage highly profile and very complex telecom projects with a small team.  The Achieve IP infrastructure was used until the project was completed in 2012 (2007 to 2010).


Hosted IP PBX

The 2007 incubation of a hosted IP PBX solution provided an alternative to the telephone company’s Centrex service and eliminated the traditional PBX model that most manufactures were promoting.  Customers loved the simplicity of having everything managed (including the data network) by one company and the flexibility that some of the features provided.  This project was later sold to the region’s largest independently owned IT company (2007 to 201o).


Total Shopping Center Networks

As consumer demands continue to develop around technology and Wi-Fi access, shopping centers are looking to respond.  Achieve IP provided a research project designed to provide a Canadian shopping center owner with a better understanding of the opportunities and the tenant interest in sharing an enterprise network with other tenants, the shopping center owner, and the guests.


Industrial Compressed Air

cn rail Facilitated and managed a service agreement and the company contracted to meet the compressed air requirements for western Canada’s largest rail yard (2006 to 2011).