What We Do


    What We Do


We are a diverse organization with global experience and based in Ottawa, Canada.

We work with clients to explore, create, and deliver operational solutions using proven models with leading edge technology and software.  We are the team that tackles the tedious project that ‘needs to be done’.

How our operational solutions met the client’s challenge…

National Railway

“Reduce hundreds of hours of downtime and millions of dollars in annual penalties by solving the problems with poor compressed yard air?”

CN Rail, Symington Yard

Hydro Construction

“Saved a major expense and growing problem by providing telephone and internet services to a remote work camp of over 600 people?”

MB Hydro, Wuskwatim Power Generation Station

Telecom Provider

“Help complete the customer experience and solving customer issues so so the account manager can focus on recurring revenues.”

MTS & SaskTel

And we continue to create solutions to challenges like these…

Insurance Fraud

“How do we address the identified concerns with auto repair facilities and tow truck operators without punishing the honest hard-working businesses?”

Auto Insurance Companies

Legal Research

“How can technology aid research in the legal industry as support staff budgets decrease and demands for information increases?”

Innovative Law Firms and Publishers

Fleet Services

“How can we eliminate lost rental revenues and drive down tire related costs in our fleet, without compromising safety?”

Rental and Fleet Services

a·chieve / əˈCHēv/

successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage.

in·tel·lec·tu·al /ˌin(t)əˈlek(t)SH(o͞o)əl/ prop·er·ty / präpərdē/

creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.


Originally started in 2001 with the intent of solving a client issue, Achieve IP has continued to fly under the radar, solving client problems along the way.  For our corporate clients, we are usually solving an operational issue and reducing costs.  For the SMB, our involvement is greater in scope and more meaningful to the business strategy or business operation.

‘Innovate or Die!’

Our client understands this, but in most cases the client bench does not have the time or resources to tend to the specific challenge.  That is where we fit in.  We work closely with our client to explore, create, and deliver the solution that best fits the need.

Our bench is educated and experienced in business as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and business unit managers.  We enjoy solving client challenges and working with other like minded individuals.  As introverts, we also find it most gratifying to engage in long-term projects with people we know while avoiding having to sell something over and over again.

Certified Diverse Supplier

Achieve IP is proudly a 100% women owned and a WBE certified diversity supplier.

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